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Carrier Roundtable – our host is Level 3

Welcome to the third Carrier Roundtable event in Sweden with Level 3

We continue to develop our Carrier Roundtable events and will on a regular basis offer our members to join a seminar before the more traditional mingle. This time, we have the privilege being able to offer a Carrier Roundtable Seminar together with our host Level 3 Communications. With participants from Amazon Web Services, Level 3 Communications and Nuboza we will have a panel discussion covering the opportunities of connecting directly to cloud platforms from providers such as Amazon, Microsoft and HP.

  • What are some of the typical benefits you and your customer can achieve through connecting directly to cloud platforms and services?
  • Is it possible for me as a local carrier to offer this to my customers?
  • How can I or my customer use our presence in a carrier neutral data centre to connect to various cloud services and providers?

If you want to join the seminar, please register for both the Carrier Roundtable Seminar and Event which will start 16:00 CET. You can of course register for the traditional Carrier Roundtable only and join us on our usual starting time 17:00 CET. To register for the Carrier Roundtable Seminar and Event on 27 November you need to be logged in as a member here on

Following our most recent, successful and well attended Carrier Roundtable event 27 May, I do hope that all of you are looking forward to be meeting again.

We will as usual offer something to eat and drink slightly after the event has started.

Do you know anyone in the carrier community that would like join our events? Ask them to register to become a Carrier Roundtable member.

Both the seminar and event is free for our members. Please note the ”no show fee” of 250 SEK which will be sent to registered members that have not cancelled their registration within 24 hours of the event.

Do you have any questions or would like host a Carrier Roundtable even? Please contact:

Mats Nilsson Hahne, Interxion

Tel: +46 8 594 640 50